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"I don't have unrealistic expectations for my kids... But there exists another component in the shadow of that truth, a more subtle one but no less vital: I have unrealistic expectations I have for myself. -The Unspoken Expectations for the Homeschool Mother

The Unspoken Expectations for the Homeschool Mother

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I’ve been struggling lately. Have you ever said something so many times, and even believed it to be true, but never truly digested it, allowing it to permeate your mind and heart into your decision making and responses? When I say I don’t have unrealistic expectations for my kids, that...
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It's a hard thing for moms to talk about! We don't want to sound greedy or ungrateful...but this is how we really feel about what our kids get as gifts!

Gifts Moms of Small Children Want You to Give their Kids

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This time of year, we're all thinking of things to get each other that show we care. Holiday shopping is a billion dollar industry with every brand vying for your attention, but in this era of consumerism we have to be...
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