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Here I share what I've learned through experience, trial and error, and many tears! It doesn't matter how much you know going in, motherhood will always through you a new curveball. My journey through new-motherhood has taught me much about pregnancy, labor and delivery, pre-baby prep, and post-partum recovery. My wish is that you are able to enjoy motherhood to the fullest! And whether you're 16, 26, or 66, I believe that you can!

Lil Mama, Big World

Life as a Young Mama

Motherhood is a scary road full of unexpected twists. When you're a young mama, it seems you have even more pressure to be the "perfect" mom. Well, I call B.S. Yes, you are the best mom for your baby, and YES you WILL do an amazing job raising your little. But there is no such thing as perfect, and we must accept that. Come along with me and be perfectly imperfect as we defy the cultural norms and raise our babies!

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It's all good in the hood


There are 2 great problems with the phrase "Terrible Twos": 1) The phrase implies that the terribleness of toddlers is confined to a mere 12 months of terror; and 2) It instills a strike of desperation and fear into the hearts of any young mama cradling her innocent, new baby. These sweet mamas stare wide-eyed at the screaming toddler in the grocery store and think, "Someday my little one will be just like that..." Well I have news for you, the Terrible Twos need-not be the Unbearable Twos! Learn about how your toddler thinks, ask questions about why your child acts up, and know that you are not alone in your endeavors! Welcome to this judge-free zone where mamas can teach, learn, and pat one another on the metaphorical back.


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