Science Lab Sheets Bundle | 10 Printables | How to Study the World Collection


Learn how to study the world with these printable science lab sheets. Explore topics including planets, life cycles, rock classification, weather, and more!


In this How to Study the World Collection, you will find 10 printable lab sheets that guide students through the process of exploring, testing, and observing to learn more about something. Each page is highly versatile to accommodate a wide range of abilities and age groups. Use for experiments, activities, or in response to a read-aloud to think more critically about a topic.

Includes: 13 page PDF containing 10 science labs or worksheets

Page 3: Fish Scavenger Hunt

Use cut-up magazine photos, draw pictures, or create your own fish!

Page 4: Animal Study

Dive deeper into favorite animals or explore new ones by researching habitats, life cycles, and classifications!

Page 5: Life Cycle Study

Everything has a life cycle – laminate this sheet to use again and again with figurines or photos, or integrate with another science lesson to record the life cycle of a particular animal or insect!

Page 6: Planet Study

Explore worlds beyond ours, even beyond our galaxy, by finding the answers to these questions.

Page 7: Rock Testing Lab Sheet – Color

Rocks are a kids’ best friend, but what kind of rocks do we often find? Couple this lab sheet with a field guide to help classify rocks and learn their names!

Page 8: Tree Study

Trees help us in so many ways, from providing shade to becoming paper for us to use. Encourage students to look more closely and make new observations about the trees around them with this interactive study. Note: Create leaf or bark rubbings by placing the paper over the surface and rubbing with the side of a crayon.

Page 9: This Week’s Weather Report – Color

Print multiple copies of this sheet and include in a science binder for daily weather records, or laminate and use the same sheet again and again!

Page 10: Light Experiment Lab Sheet

One of my personal favorite science experiments Рlight! Discuss how light can pass through transparent objects but bounces off and is absorbed by opaque objects. Give real-world examples of reflection and refraction, and give students an opportunity to record their findings.

Page 11: Light Scavenger Hunt

Grab a crayon and a clip board and explore the forms of light in your teaching space! Find natural and man-made light sources, and distinguish them from one another.

Pages 12-13: Science Experiment Lab Sheets

Introducing the scientific process was never easier with these adaptable science lab sheets. Guide students through developing a “hypothesis”, designing an experiment to test the hypothesis, and reflect on the results. Use with any scientific concept!

Instructions for use:

  • Print the pages. Fill out as desired.

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