Sight Word Books: “I Was A” Book B | Beginner Sight Words for Preschool and Kindergarten


With large, easy-to-read text, these sight word books are great for introducing new sight words or practicing known sight words. Use for center activities, small groups, RTI, interventions, or as a whole group activity. Simply print-and-go! You only need crayons, a pencil, a stapler, scissors, and imagination to complete these preschool sight word books!


Learn the words “was”, and “a” along with a few more high frequency words in this personable sight word flip book. Students will enjoy learning new sight words and practicing sight words they already know. Plus, Book B: “I Was A” allows students to illustrate and describe themselves and explore the concept of growing up.

Along with easy-to-follow dotted sentences, these easy sight word books teach one-to-one correspondence as well as connect word identification to the student’s own world. After finishing each book, students can read by themselves or with help from a more proficient reader. The possibilities are endless for these printable sight word books!

This book caters to students’ understanding of how they change as they grow. With space to either glue photos or illustrate themselves, they can see how time has allowed them to do and be things they could not before. Guide students through this fun sight word book using descriptive words and opposites.

In this leveled sight word book, you will find:

Focus sight words: was

Sight Words: I, was, a

New Words: baby, not, now, look, this

Next leveled sight word book in this series: “Where Can I Go?”

Preceding leveled sight word book in this series: “I Can See”

Printing Instructions: Print single-sided (black and white will use less color ink!)

Binding Instructions: After filling out and completing each page as desired, cut out each page and staple on the left.

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