Sight Word Books: “Where Were You?” Book W | Beginner Sight Words for Preschool and Kindergarten


Young students will enjoy filling in the blanks of this printable sight word reader with familiar locations while learning sight words “were” and into”.


Students will learn sight words “were” and “into” through this flip book with ¬†fill-in-the-blanks to make the story personal! These two focus sight words are incorporated in Book W: “Where Were You?” to give the student an opportunity to explore prepositions and tense, as well as the use of a variety of punctuation marks. Students can illustrate each page with their own drawings, or they can cut and paste photos on each page then fill in the blanks to match.

Along with easy-to-follow dotted sentences, this easy sight word flip books teach one-to-one correspondence as well as connect word identification to the student’s own world. After finishing each book, students can read by themselves or with help from a more proficient reader. The possibilities are endless for these printable sight word books!

Students will love the chance to share this personalized reader with parents and friends. With space to either glue photos or to illustrate their own, this sight word reader helps students to understand the function of everyday items. Lead your preschooler through 2nd grade students through this sight word book where illustrations and sentences come alive!

In this leveled sight word book, you will find:

Focus sight words: were, into

Sight Words used: were, you, me, I, went, into, the, go, next

New Words: where, they, asked, said, did, last, home

Next leveled sight word book in this series: “Here and There”

Preceding leveled sight word book in this series: “What Happens Next?”

Printing Instructions: Print single-sided (black and white will use less color ink!)

Binding Instructions: After filling out and completing each page as desired, cut out each page and staple on the left.

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