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Save, save, save on your online and in-store purchases with one extra click!

10 Ways I Saved Hundreds of Dollars with 1 Extra Click

Millions of sites claim to be “the best” when it comes to saving money, but which money-saving websites are the easiest to use? Which ones do actual moms actually use? Here are 10 REAL sites for you to save some dough.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliates, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase I will receive compensation at no additional cost to you. The opinions I express on this blog are always 100% honest and completely my own.

#1 Ebates*

Why wait, let’s start with the best of the best  of money-saving websites! Buying something online? Take a few seconds to search through the Ebates site or app to see if you can get some cash back for your purchase! Deals as high as 20% cash back on services, goods, and products, Ebates offers both in-store cash back and online cash back (limited time offers). My first Ebates check was for $75! Since then, I have earned hundreds of dollars in extra cash just for using my account-specific links.

Ebates’ amazing referral system is second to none. Use my referral button and get an extra $10 added to your first “Big Fat Check”! After that, you can refer your friends and receive $25 for EVERY SIGN UP. I don’t know about you, but I love me some free money!

#2 Retailmenot

Have you ever been checking out at a store and suddenly remember a coupon you left on the counter at home? With the Retailmenot app, you can search for specific stores’ coupons and use them immediately right from your phone. Bring the savings with you with their mobile app, or browse coupons and save them to your account to be used later through your website account. Their new Cash Back feature also gives you the option to install a browser extention that will notify you of any available cash back on a website. This feature is currently only available for online purchases. Let the savings start now!

#3 Honey*

This site helps compare prices between different sources online and allows for additional savings by giving you the chance to choose. Their browser extention shows you competitive pricing on the same item and gives you the opportunity to gain “gold” (50 gold = $.50) or cash back with a purchase. With 1,000 Gold (or $20), you can redeem your rewards for some real money! The types of deals are always changing, so be sure to check in every once in awhile, especially before you make any online purchases!

#4 Be Frugal*

On par with Ebates, this site has an advantage in their easy-to-use categorical breakdown. You can easily shop for Baby, Kids, & Toy, Beauty, Home & Garden, and more, giving you lots of viable options for cash back savings. Their payout system allows you to choose between a check delivered via mail, direct deposit, or Pay Pal, getting that cash to you in the quickest way possible.

When you use my referral link, you’ll get an extra $10 put towards your first payout! Once you join, you can refer a friend and receive $10 yourself when they reach their first minimum payout amount. The more you give, the more you get!

#5 Top Cashback*

If you’re looking for savings on niche shopping sites, Top Cashback may have the selection for you. However, make sure you compare cash back percentages with other sites AND read the fine print. A lot of these deals require you buy products from particular categories on each site. Look out for the “Up to blank%” phrase – this means not everything on the website applies. This can work to your advantage with sites like Amazon who give extra special savings rewards for their most expensive product categories. Their referral program also allows you to get $10 when you get a friend to sign up through your referral link (with enough qualifying purchases, of course).

#6 Upromise

With over 800 participating vendors, Upromise provides a unique way to save money. While you can opt for regular cash back, there are additional options for putting your money to good use. Instead of immediately cashing out, you can be proactive with your savings and create an Upromise GoalSaver savings account, put it towards a Sallie Mae loan, or create a 529 college fund account. Over the years, these payouts will add up, and you can use your rewards from linked debit cards to put your child through college! What an easy and effortless method to save for school!

#7 Shopkick

Upon signing up for Shopkick, you will get your choice of nine of so different stores where you can get a $5 gift card. To use the site, you earn your “kicks” by clicking on your account-specific links to online stores (such as Walmart, Sephora, etc.) and making purchases. Each item (or shopping trip) will earn you a certain amount of kicks. Some sites offer 3 kicks per dollar spent, others 8, and so on. In order to redeem your $5 reward to the store of your choice, you need 1250 additional kicks. There are only a handful of stores available at a time, but if you are a regular shopper at any of these then it may be worth an extra click through their mobile app!

#8 Shopathome

When you buy through Shopathome, you can receive your payout via an Amazon gift card, a Pay Pal deposit, or a check in the mail. Just like Ebates and Be Frugal, you use this website to find the store where you want to shop, click the link, and let the savings begin! Cash back percentages aren’t usually as high as the rates seen at Ebates, but this additional resource helps you to compare prices and get the best bang for your buck. With their browser extention, the process is even easier!

With their new survey feature, you can earn some extra cash by taking online surveys! My first survey got me $.50 closer to my next check.

#9 Coupon Cabin

Huge namebrand sites offer amazing discounts with this site! Knowing their audience, Coupon Cabin specially caters to Amazon customers by offering 10% more value when you choose Amazon gift card as your form of payout. With how much money we spend with Amazon, I am super excited about this bonus! Extra limited time only sales offer additional savings for big brands like Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Kohls. Even if cash back is not available for a particular site, Coupon Cabin may still have a coupon code for you. Install their browser extention, and you can always be in-the-know when you stumble across a great offer. Add this website to your arsenal of money-saving weapons, and you’re on your way to an Amazon shopping spree!

#10 Mr. Rebates*

The last runner up in my comparison of the best online cash back services, Mr. Rebates pools many small name companies and a few well known to give a nice variety to you, the smart shopper. Ace Hardware, CVS, and Big Lots are just a few of the brands that roll through with available rebates based on a percentage of your purchase. Once you’ve accumulated $10 in rebates, the cash is all yours in the form of a mailed check, a Pay Pal deposit, or a gift card. Their referral program allows you to receive 20% of the amount your friends accumulate with their own accounts, at no cost to them. Not a bad deal!

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliates, which means that if you click on them and make a purchase I will receive compensation at no additional cost to you. The opinions I express on this blog are always 100% honest and completely my own.

I use coupon codes and cash back websites all the time - my last check I got was over $60!! That's just extra money for clicking one link!

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