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It feels like it’s Baby Weather right now! So many of my friends have just had babies or are expecting. That’s why I was so happy to find Snugglebumpkinz and their new AdaptiFIT swaddle blankets! To test their products, I borrowed my beautiful baby friend, Carolina, and together we want to tell you all about Snugglebumpkinz new swaddling technology.

Why should you swaddle?

Before I was a mom, I thought swaddling was mean. Poor little defenseless babies with their arms and legs immobile! Actually, swaddling helps tiny babies feel secure and mimics the sensation of being held. In the womb, there’s not much wiggle-room, so this feeling of being all tucked in is extremely comforting. Not to mention swaddling can prevent those darned face scratches every baby manages to inflict on themselves!

What is different about AdaptiFIT?

If you’ve ever tried to swaddle a baby, then you know it’s not the easiest task in the world. My husband quickly became a swaddling champion when a hospital nurse taught him the ropes right after Genny was born. I, however, never have been able to do the job as well as him. Another element to consider is the swaddling blanket itself. Some are too big, some are too small. And if your baby is longer or shorter than the average baby, you can come across more sizing issues as well.

The creators at Snugglebumpkinz came across this exact problem with their little one. While alternative swaddling mechanisms exist, even these did not fit the needs of their quickly growing baby. To resolve this problem, they decided to create the AdaptiFIT line – baby blankets with new swaddling technology that keeps your baby, of any size, snuggled inside.

Why is AdaptiFIT better?

When Genny was an infant, I had to re-swaddle her about 50 times a day. She’s always been extremely squirmy, but she also loved being swaddled. I so wish I’d had these blankets by Snugglebumpkinz! The AdaptiFIT blankets will keep your baby safely swaddled, despite all the squirming. My tiny friend Carolina did her fair share of wiggling during our photos, but her hands and feet remained inside the blanket.

How it works

These swaddles are equipped with adhesive squares along 2 edges of the blanket. When swaddling using an AdaptiFIT blanket, lay your baby down on the blanket with the adhesive side up, one adhesive edge on the left and the other on the bottom. Wrap the right side over the baby, followed by the left side which will adhere to the blanket itself and hug your baby close. Lastly, fold the bottom edge over and around the back, hooking into place.

Made of 100% cotton, these blankets are breathable and can be adapted to meet your needs. If you would like your baby to have one or both arms free, the swaddles will still function correctly. Their website offers step-by-step direction for first-time users if needed.

Why mamas love Snugglebumpkinz

Modern mamas today are always learning new things to keep to keep their littles ones healthy, happy, and safe. Snugglebumpkinz is my newest find on safe, effective baby gear that makes a busy mom’s life easier! The more you learn, the more equipped you are as a parent. Go check their website to learn more about Snugglebumpkinz‘ materials, product, and mission!

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Love, Emily XOXO

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