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4 Preschool Printable Science Lab Reports

One of Genny’s favorite parts about doing science is when we do an experiment! These are fun and educational activities that I enjoy as well. The experiments themselves are fantastic for hitting a scientific concept home, but sometimes I like to have some documentation for my records as well. It’s also good to have some practice recording data and going through the scientific process. If you’re looking for some preschool printable science experiments, then look no further!

How to adapt these labs for your students

These labs are super-simple and flexible to meet the needs of your students. Each one can be easily done with 3 and 4 year olds as well as with older kids. The older the student, the less assistance you as the teacher will need to provide. If your student is able to write words, then allow him to write words. If not, then have him draw pictures instead. You can also have the student dictate while you write his words.

This act of providing more or less assistance, depending on your student’s skill level, is called scaffolding. Just think about construction workers building a skyscraper: you start at the bottom, providing lots of support and building one portion at a time. It’s the same with developing skills. As the students’ skills grow, you provide less and less support until they are able to work independently.

Easy to use printable lab report templates for preschool and kindergarten students - print, experiment, then record! Practice using the scientific method with these fun, easy to follow experiments!My three-year old is in the beginning stages of writing, so I have her write her name, her sight words, and sometimes very short words when we’re doing a school project. For more complicated words, Ryan and I will write them for her, while still engaging her in the process. For instance, in the candy testing lab, Ryan might ask, “What words would you use to describe how this tastes? Salty? Sweet? Crunchy?” When she has selected the words she would like to use, he would write them down for her.

In this way, he is building vocabulary and teaching her how to use describing words without expecting her to come up with the answers all by herself. The key to teaching children is to find the spot between too easy and frustrating. This is where she will be challenged but able to see her own progress as she goes.

I hope these preschool printable lab reports are helpful to you in your home school or classroom! Happy learning!


How do you like to teach science to your preschooler? Share with me by commenting below!

Love, Emily XOXO

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