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Recently I had the pleasure of sampling the new Essentially Simple subscription box! Each box contains 1 essential oil and 3-5 ways to use them in your daily life. At Essentially Simple, the goal is to support non-toxic living and sustainable lifestyles. If you love essential oils, and you want to create an organic, eco-friendly home, this subscription box is for you!

Their Mission

Essentially Simple strives to prioritize “corporate stewardship” and “environmental sustainability”. That’s why each box is cram-packed with products from organically and sustainable sourced materials. Each brand represented in an Essentially Simple Box reflects this shared philosophy.

Making Recycling Easy

Beyond using reusable materials to assemble their boxes, Essentially Simple goes the extra step to ensure environmental health. Up to 4 times a year, the company will provide prepaid postage so you can send back your unused, used, or unneeded materials. These materials will be upcycled, recycled, or composted at no cost or inconvenience to you!


Okay, I know you’re dying to know the contents of each Essentially Simple Box!

As with most subscription boxes, the specific contents of each box will vary to a degree. These were the items I received in my box (please note that you will not necessarily receive these exact items).

  • Young Living Lavender Vitality Essential Oil
  • Young Living Lemon Essential Oil Sample Sachets
  • Tumblewool Organic Wool Dryer Balls
  • Dried Organic French Lavender Flower Buds
  • Dried Organic Lemon Rinds
  • Plant Therapy Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Kevala Unrefined Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Banyan Cold Pressed Organic Sesame Oil
  • Dixie Crystals Organic Pure Cane Sugar
  • Organyc Organic Cotton Rounds (Biodegradable/Chemical Free)
  • Thayers Alcohol-free Unscented Witch Hazel Toner
  • Essential Oil Basic Booklet by EOTools
  • Essential Oil Basic Dilution Reference Chart
  • Pipette
  • Funnel
  • EO Bottle Opener
  • Vitaflex Glass
  • Plastic container

All of this neatly packed into one pretty package!

While you definitely get the bang for your buck with these boxes, the items are not excessive. There wasn’t a single item I didn’t use or just tucked away in the depths of my cabinet for later use maybe. Each item is carefully thought out and included to be used in 1 of 3-4 essential oil diy recipes that you can use in your home and in everyday life. I was impressed with the usefulness of each item!

The Oil

The essential oils included in each box come from Young Living, one of the world’s leading Essential Oil brands for their purity, standards, and effectiveness. Their 5-step process ensures that each little bottle of oil packs the biggest punch.

My box contained Lavender oil as well as a detailed card explaining its many benefits. In addition, this card explains safe practice for applying the oil aromatically, topically, and internally. Some effects of lavender oil are relaxation, emotionally balancing, and improved concentration!


Among the resources provided in each box are coupons for oils, diffusers, and other products. The “Essential Oil Basics” manual also included answers any question you might have about essential oils, covering topics such as quality, safety, dilution, storage, and more. The people at Essentially Simple strive to make each box not only an experience but an education. They want to inform you on safe, effective practices for pursuing a toxic-free lifestyle!


Each box will contain the ingredients and supplies to make integrating oils into your life easy and effortless! Recipe cards included in the box explain step-by-step how to create each diy product. In my box were four recipes: “Relax Roller-Ball”, “Makeup Remover Wipes”, “Body Sugar Scrub”, and “Angel’s Breath Spray”.

Would I buy again?

I would definitely continue with Essentially Simple! My box would have come to a total of over $160 had I bought each item myself. I love that each month has a theme that incorporates essential oils into every day life. When I substitute these diy products for your average cleaners and makeups, I find myself able to think more clearly, breathe more deeply, and have more energy! For me, it’s worth it to keep my family healthy and happy.

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What is your favorite subscription box? Share with me by commenting below!

Love, Emily XOXO

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