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During the Lent season, I was reminded that Easter is really the most important holiday of the year. For us, it is the celebration of death’s death, of victory over the grave, of the promise fulfilled since mankind’s beginning. Yet my 2 year old daughter is enthralled with TV show episodes of the Easter Bunny and coloring Easter eggs. Those elements connect to the Resurrection story, but how could I make my toddler understand what really is important about Easter? I’ve provided a brief description of how to explain Easter to your toddler as your family navigates this colorful time of year.


If your kid is anything like mine, then he probably asks to watch TV at least 10 times a day. What better way to help a child understand something new!

My favorite source for theologically sound children’s videos is Jelly Telly, a subscription service started by one of the creators of the original Veggie Tales (you know, from back when they still taught about the Bible?). They have an excellent trove of 5-minute family devotionals for every day of the Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday. These videos explain everything quickly, concisely, and humorously as well as leave time for questions and a quick prayer. Additionally, their blog posts for each corresponding day contain printable activities for some hands-on learning and fun. Even your two year old will love these little lessons!

Jelly Telly’s 5-Minute Family Devotionals – The Holy Week

The Easter Basket

Ah yes, the big question of the Easter basket. Do we do them? Do we not? Are they representative of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for our sins?

Well, yes actually. In giving gifts to our children on Easter, we are representing the biggest gift we will ever receive. Talk to your little ones about forgiveness and sacrifice and how we do things for others we love even if they aren’t always good. You can make these small connections for your toddlers and plant the tiny seed of understanding in their growing minds. No, they probably won’t instantly understand God’s unwavering love for us, nor His decision to send His Son to die, BUT someday they will learn. Why not start now?

What’s in Genny’s Easter Basket?

This year, we didn’t want to go too crazy (budgeting ya know) but we wanted this day to be special to Genny. I want her to look forward to Easter Sunday like she does for Christmas morning. Opening presents is part of the season!

All together, her basket was less than $20! I found everything at Wal-Mart (not my favorite place to shop, but they do have some deals!). I wanted everything to be something she would want and use. I refrained from adding any cute outfits or shoes – sigh – because ultimately those things would just be for Mama.

Here’s what’s in Genny’s Easter basket this year.

In this season of bunnies, eggs and candy, it can be hard to explain Easter to your toddler! Here are some tips and resources for a meaningful holiday.

  • Coloring Book – this coloring book includes different miracles from the Bible. Not expecting her to really glean much from the content, but I wanted to stick with the whole Jesus theme
  • Two board books telling the first Easter story – Genny loves books, and new ones are the best kind
  • Cra-Z-Art Crayons – Wal-Mart because idc if they break in 2 seconds)
  • Jelly Belly Jellybeans – My husband has informed me that this brand, and only this brand, is the brand of jellybeans to get if I am in fact to purchase jellybeans.
  • Two Yum Earth organic suckers – I got a big bag of these at Christmas time for $12  at TJ Maxx, and for every holiday I’ve been doling them out a few at a time.

Simple, understated, fun, and meaningful. Maybe next year we’ll go all out, but this was what worked for us this year.

In this season of bunnies, eggs and candy, it can be hard to explain Easter to your toddler! Here are some tips and resources for a meaningful holiday.

I hope this post was helpful to you as you explain Easter to your toddler. Remember, the goal isn’t perfection. The goal is simply to help our little ones to find Jesus in the midst of this crazy world.

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How does your family celebrate Easter? Share with me by commenting below!

Love, Emily XOXO

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