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If your man is anything like mine, then he thinks he is indestructible. Of course Ryan’s a lot more down to earth a marriage, a mortgage, a kid, and a few cars later. But in general, guys like to think that nothing they do now will effect them later in life. This includes using self-care products daily that contain harmful toxins. Many guys don’t think much about their own well being beyond “I’m hungry, I should eat something” and “I’m thirsty, I should have a drink”. However, when you consider some long-term effects of “not caring” the future can look scary. Which brings us to the question at hand – should men use aluminum free deodorant?

The argument against aluminum

Aluminum is a naturally occurring element, but what it does to the human body is far from safe. While many sources, including the all-knowing WebMD, dismiss claims that aluminum-containing deodorant has any correlation to developing cancer or Alzheimers, studies have shown a definite connection between the aluminum inside antiperspirants and the development of  tumors.

Why does antiperspirant contain aluminum?

Aluminum in antiperspirant acts as a “plug” stopping the offensive odors from being released in your sweat. But what are those odors? Toxins! Basically your body is prevented from ridding itself of the toxins collected under the arm and instead they build up inside the body.

If it isn’t safe, why is it in most deodorants?

The answer to this question can be addressed by André-Pascal Sappino, co-author of the ground-breaking study that lead Switzerland in the direction of banning aluminum-containing antiperspirants: “Asbestos is cheap, has very attractive industrial potential, and it took 50 years to ban it.” When the industry is huge, it can be difficult to place bans on key product ingredients.

Should men use aluminum free deodorant?

The question I’m posing is quite specific – while most of the anti-aluminum argument points towards its potential to cause breast cancer,  I have wondered if this applies to men as well. Knowing what we do about how aluminum chlorohydrate works in antiperspirants, it’s safe to hypothesis that this could cause trouble for men as well. Some argue that the association between exposure to aluminum and Alzheimers is enough to convince even men to avoid antiperspirants, while others claim the amounts are trivial and you shouldn’t care.

Looking at the overall health of our culture, I don’t rest at ease when I’m told by “professionals” that I should “not worry about it”. I do worry about it because there is something wrong with the way we look at health, whole body health. And I don’t want to be 75 years old and wishing that I had encouraged me and my husband had taken better care of ourselves.

You've heard the argument against aluminum in deodorants, but should men use aluminum free deodorant as well? Learn more...Is there an alternative for men?

This brings me to Oars and Alps, a new brand of men’s products that are toxin-free and actually work! I know you don’t want your man to go cold-turkey on the deodorant (none of us do!!), but Oars and Alps’ deodorants smell amazing (and manly) and they work all day. Since Ryan switched to their products a few weeks ago, he hasn’t even missed Old Spice (*gasp*) and neither have I!

The difference between natural deodorants like Oars and Alps and other deodorants is the antiperspirant aspect. Instead of using aluminum chlorohydrate to shrink your underarm pores and prevent the release of toxins, Oars and Alps uses bacteria-fighting ingredients to combat odor. This allows the body to rid itself of yucky toxins, and the added fragrance leaves you smelling fresh all day!

My hubby loves Oars and Alps, and I hope yours will to. Go check out their website to learn more and answer the question of whether should men where aluminum free deodorant for yourself!

You've heard the argument against aluminum in deodorants, but should men use aluminum free deodorant as well? Learn more...
Does what you put on your skin matter?

Should men use aluminum free deodorant? Share with me by commenting below!

Love, Emily XOXO

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